Các bài nghiên cứu mới về Công nghệ tài chính (từ ngày 30/7 đến ngày 6/8/2021)

Trong những năm gần đây, lĩnh vực công nghệ tài chính - Fintech đã đánh dấu nhiều sự phát triển nổi bật. Theo thời gian, Fitech dần được coi là một trong những phương tiện, công cụ quan trọng trong việc định hình và phát triển đổi mới tài chính. Cục Thông tin KH&CN quốc gia trân trọng gửi đến các nhà khoa học những nghiên cứu mới nhất về Công nghệ tài chính, được xuất bản chính thức và các bài viết được chấp nhận đăng trên những cơ sở dữ liệu học thuật chính thống từ ngày 30/7 đến ngày 6/8/2021. Những nghiên cứu công bố được tổng hợp tại đường link các bài.


1. Peeking and Testing Broken Object Level Authorization Vulnerability onto E-Commerce and E-Banking Mobile Applications

Procedia Computer Science, 19 February 2021, Volume 179 (Cover date: 2021), Pages 962-965

Anthony Viriya, Yohan Muliono


2. Developing banking intelligence in emerging markets: Systematic review and agenda

International Journal of Information Management Data Insights, 15 July 2021, Volume 1, Issue 2 (Cover date: November 2021), Article 100026

Arjun R, Abhisek Kuanr, Suprabha KR


3. IT governance and E-banking in GCC listed banks

Procedia Computer Science, 19 April 2021, Volume 183 (Cover date: 2021), Pages 844-848

Yousif Alansari, Abdalmuttaleb M. A. Musleh Al-Sartawi        


4. Integration of Taguchi-simulation method for improving banking services

Sustainable Operations and Computers, 5 June 2021, Volume 2 (Cover date: 2021), Pages 107-114

Mehrnaz Bastani, Ali Jahan      


5. A qualitative study of consumer resistance to mobile payments for in-store purchases                

Procedia Computer Science, 22 February 2021, Volume 181 (Cover date: 2021), Pages 634-641

Niklas Eriksson, Ates Gökhan, Minna Stenius


6. Dinero Electrónico: The rise and fall of Ecuador's central bank digital currency

Latin American Journal of Central Banking, 16 June 2021, Volume 2, Issue 2 (Cover date: June 2021), Article 100030

Andrés Arauz, Rodney Garratt, Diego F. Ramos F.


7. Effects of automated teller machine service on client satisfaction in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Heliyon, 9 March 2021, Volume 7, Issue 3 (Cover date: March 2021), Article e06405

Benyam Tadesse, Fayera Bakala            


8. Implementing a retail CBDC: Lessons learned and key insights

Latin American Journal of Central Banking, 19 March 2021, Volume 2, Issue 1 (Cover date: March 2021), Article 100022

Raúl Morales-Resendiz, Jorge Ponce, Allister Hodge  


9. Understanding Dynamics of Initial Trust and its Antecedents in Password Managers Adoption Intention among Young Adults

Procedia Computer Science, 18 May 2021, Volume 184 (Cover date: 2021), Pages 266-274

Ali Farooq, Alina Dubinina, Jouni Isoaho


10. Cyber-threat perception and risk management in the Swedish financial sector            

Computers & Security, 20 February 2021, Volume 105 (Cover date: June 2021), Article 102239

Stefan Varga, Joel Brynielsson, Ulrik Franke


11. Transaction factors’ influence on the choice of payment by Polish consumers

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 27 August 2020, Volume 58 (Cover date: January 2021), Article 102264

Beata Świecka, Paweł Terefenko, Dominik Paprotny


12. Setting the future of digital and social media marketing research: Perspectives and research propositions

International Journal of Information Management, 10 July 2020, Volume 59 (Cover date: August 2021), Article 102168

Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Elvira Ismagilova, Yichuan Wang


13. Integrated Collection of Stem Cell Bank Data, a Data Portal for Standardized Stem Cell Information

Stem Cell Reports, 18 March 2021, Volume 16, Issue 4 (Cover date: 13 April 2021), Pages 997-1005

Ying Chen, Kunie Sakurai, Wataru Fujibuchi


14. Digital Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth: A Cross-country Study

Procedia Computer Science, 12 June 2021, Volume 187 (Cover date: 2021), Pages 218-223

Yan Shen, Wenxiu Hu, C. James Hueng


15. The Internet of Everything: Smart things and their impact on business models

Journal of Business Research, 14 January 2020, Volume 122 (Cover date: January 2021), Pages 853-863

David J. Langley, Jenny van Doorn, Albert Boonstra



1. The impact of fintech on the profitability of state-owned commercial banks in China 

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2. Predatory Fintech and the Politics of Banking

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3. Evaluation of service quality and user experience on credit card application using e-SERVQUAL model and usability testing                   

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4. A hybrid heterogeneous Pythagorean fuzzy group decision modelling for crowdfunding development process pathways of fintech-based clean energy investment projects                           

Meng Yue; Wu Haoyue; Zhao, Wenjing; Chen Wenkuan; Dinçer Hasan; et al.Financial Innovation; Heidelberg Vol. 7, Iss. 1, (May 2021)                          


5. How we can benefit from personal finance management applications during the COVID-19 pandemic? The Polish case

Waliszewski, Krzysztof; Warchlewska, Anna.Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues; Vilnius Vol. 8, Iss. 3, (Mar 2021): 681-699


6. Cryptochain approach to Cloud Computing Security: Case study, Challenges, and Solutions

Mukherjee, Subham; Sandane, Raghav.Journal of Physics: Conference Series; Bristol Vol. 1964, Iss. 4, (Jul 2021)


7. Systematic Literature Review and Critical Success Factor Analysis to Determine a Model’s Implementation Elements

Ismail, S; Marjudi, S; Wan Hassan, W A; R M T Raja Lope Ahmad; Md Kassim, A A.Journal of Physics: Conference Series; Bristol Vol. 1874, Iss. 1, (May 2021)



Laurinaitis, Marius; Stitilis, Darius; Rotomskis, Irmantas; Novak, Oksana; Lysenok, Oleksii.Independent Journal of Management & Production; Sao Paulo Vol. 12, Iss. 3, (May 2021): S150-S166.


9. Expanding the technology acceptance model with the inclusion of trust and mobility to assess e-wallet user behavior: Evidence from OVO consumers in Indonesia

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10. A comparative study on pricing methods of infrastructural assets securitization: a case study of power distributing assets of X mall

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11. An Information and Predictive Credibility Control System Using Blockchain Technique

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12. Digital Finance Technologies: Threats and Challenges to the Global and National Financial Security

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13. Research on Intelligent Evaluation System of Influence Model Using Cosine Similarity

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14. Student Awareness of Digital Payment Services (Case Study in Indonesia)

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15. Modelling the use of social network marketing in Indonesia

Jonny; Kriswanto.IOP Conference Series. Earth and Environmental Science; Bristol Vol. 729, Iss. 1, (Apr 2021).


16. Co-regulating algorithmic disclosure for digital platforms

Fabiana Di Porto; Zuppetta, Marialuisa.Policy & Society; Singapore Vol. 40, Iss. 2, (Jun 2021): 272-293.


17. A double design-science perspective of entrepreneurship - the example of smart contracts in the insurance market

Alternate title: Smart contracts in the insurance market

Hoffmann, Christian Hugo.Journal of Work-Applied Management; Bingley Vol. 13, Iss. 1,  (Apr 2021): 69-87.



1. Novel Privacy Preserving Authentication Scheme Based on Physical Layer Signatures for Mobile Payments

D. L. Lavanya, R. Ramaprabha, B. Thangapandian, K. Gunaseelan in SN Computer Science (2021)


2. Continuous usage intention to e-transaction cards in wholesale markets of agriproducts: empirical evidence from China 

Xuechao Sui, Xianhui Geng in Future Business Journal (2021)              


3. An architecture governance approach for Agile development by tailoring the Spotify model

Abdallah Salameh, Julian M. Bass in AI & SOCIETY (2021)


4. The entrepreneurial finance markets of the future: a comparison of crowdfunding and initial coin offerings

Joern H. Block, Alexander Groh, Lars Hornuf, Tom Vanacker… in Small Business Economics (2021)


5. Discrimination in lending? Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program

Rachel Atkins, Lisa Cook, Robert Seamans in Small Business Economics (2021)


6. Two Sides of the Same Coin: EU Financial Regulation and Private Law

Olha O. Cherednychenko in European Business Organization Law Review (2021)


7. Integrating Regulatory Technology (RegTech) into the digital transformation of a bank Treasury

Johan von Solms in Journal of Banking Regulation (2021)


8. Dynamic spillovers between the term structure of interest rates, bitcoin, and safe-haven currencies

David Y. Aharon, Zaghum Umar, Xuan Vinh Vo in Financial Innovation (2021)


9. Managing charity 4.0 with Blockchain: a case study at the time of Covid-19

Adalberto Rangone, Luca Busolli in International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing (2021)


10. To supervise or to self-supervise: a machine learning based comparison on credit supervision

José Américo Pereira Antunes in Financial Innovation (2021)


11. Digital payments and consumer experience in India: a survey based empirical study

Sudiksha Shree, Bhanu Pratap, Rajas Saroy… in Journal of Banking and Financial Technology (2021)


12. A global perspective on macroprudential policy interaction with systemic risk, real economic activity, and monetary intervention

Mikhail I. Stolbov, Maria A. Shchepeleva, Alexander M. Karminsky in Financial Innovation (2021)


13. Analysing the behavioural finance impact of 'fake news' phenomena on financial markets: a representative agent model and empirical validation

Bryan Fong in Financial Innovation (2021)


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