Các bài nghiên cứu mới về Trí tuệ nhân tạo hay trí thông minh nhân tạo ngày 18/10/2021 (Artificial intelligence - viết tắt là AI)

Cục Thông tin KH&CN Quốc gia trân trọng kính gửi đến các nhà khoa học những nghiên cứu mới nhất về Artificial intelligence trên thế giới bao gồm những bài viết đã được xuất bản chính thức và các bài viết được chấp nhận đăng trên những cơ sở dữ liệu học thuật chính thống năm 2021.

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1. Towards an AEC-AI Industry Optimization Algorithmic Knowledge Mapping: An Adaptive Methodology for Macroscopic Conceptual Analysis

Carlos Maureira; Hernán Pinto; Víctor Yepes; José García

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


2. A New Online Learned Interval Type-3 Fuzzy Control System for Solar Energy Management Systems

Zhi Liu; Ardashir Mohammadzadeh; Hamza Turabieh; Majdi Mafarja; Shahab S. Band; Amir Mosavi

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


3. Reinforcement Learning Based EV Charging Management Systems–A Review

Heba M. Abdullah; Adel Gastli; Lazhar Ben-Brahim

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


4. Emotion Recognition by Textual Tweets Classification Using Voting Classifier (LR-SGD)

Anam Yousaf; Muhammad Umer; Saima Sadiq; Saleem Ullah; Seyedali Mirjalili; Vaibhav Rupapara; Michele Nappi

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


5. Classification of Benign and Malignant Pulmonary Nodules Based on the Multiresolution 3D DPSECN Model and Semisupervised Clustering

Siyuan Tang; Rong Ma; Qingqian Li; Yingchun Bai; Shijun Chen

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


6. MIIDAPS-AI: An Explainable Machine-Learning Algorithm for Infrared and Microwave Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation Preprocessing - Application to LEO and GEO Sensors

Eric Sean Maddy; Sid-Ahmed Boukabara

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing

Year: 2021 | Early Access Article | Publisher: IEEE


7. ExtremeEarth Meets Satellite Data From Space

Desta Haileselassie Hagos; Theofilos Kakantousis; Vladimir Vlassov; Sina Sheikholeslami; Tianze Wang; Jim Dowling; Claudia Paris; Daniele Marinelli; Giulio Weikmann; Lorenzo Bruzzone; Salman Khaleghian; Thomas Krmer; Torbjorn Eltoft; Andrea Marinoni; Despina-Athanasia Pantazi; Georgios Stamoulis; Dimitris Bilidas; George Papadakis; George Mandilaras; Manolis Koubarakis; Antonis Troumpoukis; Stasinos Konstantopoulos; Markus Muerth; Florian Appel; Andrew H Fleming; Andreas Cziferszky

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing

Year: 2021 | Early Access Article | Publisher: IEEE


8. ANN Assisted-IoT Enabled COVID-19 Patient Monitoring

Geetanjali Rathee; Sahil Garg; Georges Kaddoum; Yulei Wu; Dushantha Nalin K. Jayakody; Atif Alamri

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


9. Real-Time Energy Harvesting Aided Scheduling in UAV-Assisted D2D Networks Relying on Deep Reinforcement Learning

Khoi Khac Nguyen; Ngo Anh Vien; Long D. Nguyen; Minh-Tuan Le; Lajos Hanzo; Trung Q. Duong

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE


10. Intelligent Trajectory Design for Secure Full- Duplex MIMO-UAV Relaying Against Active Eavesdroppers: A Model-Free Reinforcement Learning Approach

Milad Tatar Mamaghani; Yi Hong

IEEE Access

Year: 2021 | Volume: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE



1. The artificial intelligence influence on real sociality

Procedia Computer Science, 11 June 2021, Volume 186 (Cover date: 2021), Pages 344-351

G. Malinetsky V. Smolin


2. Harnessing artificial intelligence and big data for SDGs and prosperous urban future in South Asia

Environmental and Sustainability Indicators, 3 June 2021, Volume 11 (Cover date: September 2021), Article 100127

Md. Arfanuzzaman


3. What do we want from Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)? – A stakeholder perspective on XAI and a conceptual model guiding interdisciplinary XAI research

Artificial Intelligence15 February 2021Volume 296 (Cover date: July 2021)Article 103473

Markus Langer, Daniel Oster, Kevin Baum


4. Urban water resource management for sustainable environment planning using artificial intelligence techniques

Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 12 November 2020, Volume 86 (Cover date: January 2021), Article 106515

Xiaojun Xiang, Qiong Li, Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf


5. Artificial intelligence in supply chain management: A systematic literature review

Journal of Business Research25 September 2020Volume 122 (Cover date: January 2021) Pages 502-517

Reza ToorajipourVahid SohrabpourMaria Fischl


6. The future of artificial intelligence at work: A review on effects of decision automation and augmentation on workers targeted by algorithms and third-party observers

Computers in Human Behavior29 May 2021Volume 123 (Cover date: October 2021) Article 106878

Markus LangerRichard N. Landers


7. Application of Artificial Intelligence techniques for the detection of Alzheimer’s disease using structural MRI images

Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, 5 April 2021, Volume 41, Issue 2 (Cover date: April–June 2021), Pages 456-473

Xinxing Zhao, Candice Ke En Ang, Kang Hao Cheong


8. The Advent of Artificial Intelligence in Space Activities: New Legal Challenges

Space Policy, 29 December 2020, Volume 55 (Cover date: February 2021), Article 101408

Anne-Sophie Martin, Steven Freeland


9. Artificial intelligence enhanced interaction in digital twin shop-floor

Procedia CIRP, 2 June 2021, Volume 100 (Cover date: 2021), Pages 858-863

Xin Ma, Jiangfeng Cheng, Fei Tao


10. Artificial intelligence for resilience enhancement of power distribution systems

The Electricity Journal, 4 December 2020, Volume 34, Issue 1 (Cover date: January–February 2021),Article 106880

Mohammad Mehdi Hosseini, Masood Parvania


11. In the hearts and minds of employees: A model of pre-adoptive appraisal toward artificial intelligence in organizations

International Journal of Information Management, 12 June 2021, Volume 60 (Cover date: October 2021), Article 102379

Yi-Te Chiu, Yu-Qian Zhu, Jacqueline Corbett


12. The impact of artificial intelligence and big data on end-stage kidney disease treatments

Expert Systems with Applications, 21 April 2021, Volume 180 (Cover date: 15 October 2021), Article 115076

Covadonga Díez-Sanmartín, Antonio Sarasa-Cabezuelo, Amado Andrés Belmonte


13. Artificial intelligence as a sustainable tool in wastewater treatment using membrane bioreactors

Chemical Engineering Journal, 10 December 2020, Volume 417 (Cover date: 1 August 2021), Article 128070

Mohammadreza Kamali, Lise Appels, Raf Dewil


14. Attitudes of the Surgical Team Toward Artificial Intelligence in Neurosurgery: International 2-Stage Cross-Sectional Survey

World Neurosurgery, 25 November 2020, Volume 146 (Cover date: February 2021), Pages e724-e730

Hugo Layard Horsfall, Paolo Palmisciano, Hani J. Marcus


15. Artificial intelligence-driven assessment of radiological images for COVID-19

Computers in Biology and Medicine, 21 July 2021, Volume 136 (Cover date: September 2021), Article 104665

Yassine Bouchareb, Pegah Moradi Khaniabadi, Arman Rahmim



1. Road vehicle recognition algorithm in safety assistant driving based on artificial intelligence

Liang Chen in Soft Computing (2021)


2. The application of interactive methods under swarm computing and artificial intelligence in image retrieval and personalized analysis

Hangzhou Qu, Yinwei Wang in The Visual Computer (2021)


3. Soft multimedia assisted new energy productive landscape design based on environmental analysis and edge-driven artificial intelligence

Bin Ma, Yu Dong, Hongxiu Liu, Zixu Cao in Soft Computing (2021)


4. What dangers lurk in the development of emotionally competent artificial intelligence, especially regarding the trend towards sex robots? A review of Catrin Misselhorn’s most recent book

Janina Luise Samuel, André Schmiljun in AI & SOCIETY (2021)


5. Interpretability of artificial intelligence models that use data fusion to predict yield in aeroponics

Julio Torres-Tello, Seok-Bum Ko in Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (2021)


6. Sentiment analysis of pets using deep learning technologies in artificial intelligence of things system

Ming-Fong Tsai, Jhao-Yang Huang in Soft Computing (2021)


7. Effect of artificial intelligence auxiliary equipment in the process of cognitive learning

Fenglang Wu, Xinran Liu, Yudan Wang in Neural Computing and Applications (2021)


8. Legal dilemmas of Estonian artificial intelligence strategy: in between of e-society and global race

Tanel Kerikmäe, Evelin Pärn-Lee in AI & SOCIETY (2021)


9. Hybrid recommendation algorithm of cross-border e-commerce items based on artificial intelligence and multiview collaborative fusion

Bing Li, Jiahua Li, Xijun Ou in Neural Computing and Applications (2021)


10. The future of artificial intelligence, posthumanism and the inflection of Pixley Isaka Seme’s African humanism

Malesela John Lamola in AI & SOCIETY (2021)


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3. Interbank Offered Rate Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

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4. Artificial Intelligence in Aptamer–Target Binding Prediction

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6. Comparison of Differences Between Artificial Intelligence Translation and Artificial Translation

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7. Detecting Digoxin Toxicity by Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Electrocardiography

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8. Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Fresco Restoration with Multiscale Line Drawing Generation

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9. Artificial intelligence in oncology: Path to implementation

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10. The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Tribology—A Perspective

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