Cảm biến siêu âm: hoạt động và ứng dụng (Cập nhật đến ngày 21/4/2023)

Cảm biến siêu âm là thiết bị cảm biến điện tử, được dùng để đo khoảng cách của một đối tượng mục tiêu bằng cách phát ra sóng siêu âm, sau đó âm thanh phản xạ được chuyển đổi thành tín hiệu điện. Tín hiệu sẽ được xử lý và thông báo ở đầu ra. Bộ phát của cảm biến có khả năng tạo ra âm thanh nhờ sử dụng tinh thể áp điện. Còn bộ thu có vai trò tiếp nhận âm thanh đến và đi từ các vị trí. Để hiểu rõ hơn Cục Thông tin khoa học và công nghệ quốc gia xin giới thiệu một số bài nghiên cứu đã được xuất bản chính thức và các bài viết được chấp nhận đăng trên những cơ sở dữ liệu học thuật chính thống.

1. Sciencedirect

1. Theoretical investigation of transition metal dichalcogenides based Bloch surface wave sensors with mono and double absentee layers
Results in Optics 14 February 2023 Volume 11 (Cover date: May 2023) Article 100384
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2. High-performance detection of endotoxin by the microfluidic chip integrated with surface acoustic wave sensor modified by Ti3C2Tx/Au NPs nanocomposite
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6. Surface wave-based 1D-PhC sensor using barium sodium niobate film thickness
Materials Today: Proceedings Available online 23 March 2023 In press, corrected proof
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Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 7 February 2023 Volume 353 (Cover date: 16 April 2023) Article 114225
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8. Wireless surface acoustic wave humidity sensor with chitosan/porous cyclodextrin–TiO2 composites for monitoring air and human respiration
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 28 December 2022 Volume 379 (Cover date: 15 March 2023) Article 133235
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9. Realtime wide-area vehicle trajectory tracking using millimeter-wave radar sensors and the open TJRD TS dataset
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11. Chalcogenide glass-tapered fiber sensor modified by graphene oxide doped with platinum nanoparticles for high-sensitivity measurement
Results in Physics 9 March 2023 Volume 47 (Cover date: April 2023) Article 106348
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12. Realization of a DNA biosensor using inverted Lamb wave MEMS resonator based on ZnO/SiO2/Si/ZnO membrane
Analytica Chimica Acta 8 February 2023 Volume 1249 (Cover date: 8 April 2023) Article 340929
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13. Computer vision-based measurement of wave force on the rectangular structure
Ocean Engineering 16 January 2023 Volume 270 (Cover date: 15 February 2023) Article 113624
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14. A general self-powered wireless sensing solution based on triboelectric-discharge effect
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Measurement 13 January 2023 Volume 208 (Cover date: 28 February 2023) Article 112482
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16. Illustration of an extremely sensitive SPR based fiber optic gas sensor irradiated by Bessel-Gauss beam and wave theory based approach
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17. Perceptual echoes as travelling waves may arise from two discrete neuronal sources
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18. Studies of surface plasmon resonance effect on different metallic layers of silver (Ag) and copper (Cu) with molybdenum trioxide (MoO3) for formaldehyde sensor
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19. A mathematical analysis of anti-plane surface wave in a magneto-electro-elastic layered structure with non-perfect and locally perturbed interface
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20. Wireless portable transducer for nondestructive evaluation applications based on highly nonlinear solitary waves
Measurement 24 March 2023 Volume 214 (Cover date: 15 June 2023) Article 112760
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21. Noninvasive liquid level sensing with laser generated ultrasonic waves
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22. Direction of arrival estimation of an acoustic wave using a single structural vibration sensor
Journal of Sound and Vibration 13 March 2023 Volume 553 (Cover date: 9 June 2023) Article 117671
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23. Enhanced response speed of SAW based hydrogen sensor employing a micro-heater
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Available online 4 February 2023 In press, corrected proof
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24. An idler light power measurement temperature sensor based on the four-wave mixing in a highly nonlinear fiber
Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications Available online 28 March 2023 In press, journal pre-proof Article 101133
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25. Fabrication of a novel sensor based on Cu quantum dot and SH-SiO2 nanoparticles supported on copper-based metal organic framework (Cu QD-SH-SiO2@Cu-MOF) and its application for the simultaneous determination of norepinephrine, piroxicam and epinephrine
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28. UHF sensors positioning on the power transformer tank to enhance the partial discharge localization accuracy
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29. On spot detection of nickel and cobalt from exhausted batteries by a smart electrochemical sensor
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39. Record-Breaking Frequency of 44 GHz Based on the Higher Order Mode of Surface Acoustic Waves with LiNbO3/SiO2/SiC Heterostructures
Engineering 23 May 2022 Volume 20 (Cover date: January 2023) Pages 112-119
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40. An embedded non-intrusive graphene/epoxy broadband nanocomposite sensor co-cured with GFRP for in situ structural health monitoring
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41. Acceleration sensitivity of piezoelectric pressure sensors and the influence on the measurement of explosion pressures
Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 31 January 2023 Volume 82 (Cover date: April 2023) Article 104999
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42. Design of an S-shaped point-absorber wave energy converter with a non-linear PTO to power the satellite-respondent buoys in the East China Sea
Ocean Engineering 15 March 2023 Volume 275 (Cover date: 1 May 2023) Article 114162
Ammar Ahmed, Yanen Wang, Zutao Zhang

43. Discriminating gas molecules at room temperature by UV light modulation (ULM) of nonselective metal oxide sensors
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 9 December 2022 Volume 378 (Cover date: 1 March 2023) Article 133115
Meng Li, Junqing Chang, Gang Meng

44. Study of a Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor with adjustable spatial sampling based on spherical reference wave
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 20 September 2022 Volume 160 (Cover date: January 2023) Article 107289
Xiaosong Wu, Linhai Huang, Wenju Wei

45. Simultaneous square wave voltammetry detection of azo dyes using silver nanoparticles assembled on carbon nanofibers
Electrochimica Acta 27 December 2022 Volume 441 (Cover date: 10 February 2023) Article 141782
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46. Mid-infrared silver halide fibre-optic sensor with lateral notches for evanescent wave spectroscopy
Infrared Physics & Technology 29 December 2022 Volume 128 (Cover date: January 2023) Article 104529
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47. Optimization of square wave voltammetry parameters by response surface methodology for the determination of Sunset yellow using an electrochemical sensor based on Purpald®
Food Chemistry 27 September 2022 Volume 404, Part A (Cover date: 15 March 2023) Article 134412
Tuğba Tabanlıgil Calam, Gülşen Taşkın Çakıcı

48. A simple, ultrasensitive and cost-effective electrochemical sensor for the determination of ciprofloxacin in various types of samples
Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research 10 December 2022 Volume 39 (Cover date: February 2023) Article 100547
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49. Light-activated SAW sensor structures with photoconductive polymer films for DMMP detection
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 2 March 2023 Volume 384 (Cover date: 1 June 2023) Article 133597
Wiesław Jakubik, Jarosław Wrotniak, Paulina Powroźnik

50. Geolocalization of water-waves origin within water distribution networks using time reversal of first event detection
Water Research 29 December 2022 Volume 230 (Cover date: 15 February 2023) Article 119538
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51. An ensemble learning approach to condition assessment of dissipative CLT connections based on piezoceramic sensor data
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 21 October 2022 Volume 117, Part A (Cover date: January 2023) Article 105514
Lin Chen, Haibei Xiong, Qingzhao Kong

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