Mạch điện (Cập nhật đến ngày 12/5/2023)

Mạch điện có lẽ không còn quá xa lạ đối với mỗi người bởi những ứng dụng của nó vào trong cuộc sống rất nhiều. Tuy nhiên không phải ai cũng hiểu rõ về mạch điện là gì? Để hiểu rõ hơn Cục Thông tin khoa học và công nghệ quốc gia xin giới thiệu một số bài nghiên cứu đã được xuất bản chính thức và các bài viết được chấp nhận đăng trên những cơ sở dữ liệu học thuật chính thống.

1. Sciencedirect

1. Plasma energy efficiency and equivalent electrical circuit of the multi-tips pulsed corona discharge in dry air at atmospheric pressure
Journal of Electrostatics 6 January 2023 Volume 122 (Cover date: March 2023) Article 103784
Karim Saber, Alyen Abahazem, Mohammed Yousfi
2. Investigation of capacitors and electrical circuit elements performance of magnetic biocomposites prepared by using the hemp biomass
Materials Chemistry and Physics 9 December 2022 Volume 296 (Cover date: 15 February 2023) Article 127171
Ramazan Coşkun, Orhan Yalçın, Mustafa Okutan
3. Vibration characteristics of smart laminated carbon nanotube-reinforced composite cylindrical shells resting on elastic foundations with open circuit
Structures 30 March 2023 Volume 51 (Cover date: May 2023) Pages 1622-1644
Hossein Bisheh
4. Microfluidic aspiration-assisted electrical impedance spectroscopy system is a reliable tool for the characterization of oocyte hardening
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 6 January 2023 Volume 380 (Cover date: 1 April 2023) Article 133316
Yuan Cao, Julia Floehr, Uwe Schnakenberg
5. Solar energy harvesting using lead-free pyroelectric bulk ceramics: A simulation study
Journal of Science: Advanced Materials and Devices 5 December 2022 Volume 8, Issue 1 (Cover date: March 2023) Article 100527
Nishchay Saurabh, Raj Kiran, Satyanarayan Patel
6. An efficient design and demonstration of fault-effects in full-adder circuits based on quantum-dot computing circuits
Materials Today: Proceedings Available online 28 March 2023 In press, corrected proof
Dilip Kumar Sharma, Prachi Goyal, Meena Rangari
7. Chirped modulated wave excitations in an electrical model of microtubules
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 3 January 2023 Volume 167 (Cover date: February 2023) Article 113094
Emmanuel Kengne, Ahmed Lakhssassi
8. An enhanced FitzHugh–Nagumo neuron circuit, microcontroller-based hardware implementation: Light illumination and magnetic field effects on information patterns
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 24 December 2022 Volume 167 (Cover date: February 2023) Article 113014
Zeric Tabekoueng Njitacke, Janarthanan Ramadoss, Jan Awrejcewicz
9. Performance comparison between copper and carbon nanotube based TSV for 3D-integrated circuits
Materials Today: Proceedings Available online 29 March 2023 In press, corrected proof
Katepogu Rajkumar, G. Umamaheswara Reddy
10. Overview on electrical issues faced during the SPIDER experimental campaigns
Fusion Engineering and Design 7 February 2023 Volume 190 (Cover date: May 2023) Article 113510
Alberto Maistrello, Matteo Agostini, Pierluigi Veltri
11. Influence of La3+ substitutions on structural, dielectric and electrical properties of spinel cobalt ferrite
Ceramics International 14 October 2022 Volume 49, Issue 4 (Cover date: 15 February 2023) Pages 7017-7029
M. Kamran, M. Anis-ur-Rehman
12. Modelling Li-ion batteries using equivalent circuits for renewable energy applications
Energy Reports 25 March 2023 Volume 9 (Cover date: December 2023) Pages 4456-4465
Sergio J. Navas, G. M. Cabello González, J. J. Guerra
13. An integrate-and-fire neuron circuit made from printed organic field-effect transistors
Organic Electronics 10 November 2022 Volume 113 (Cover date: February 2023) Article 106685
Vanessa Tischler, Piotr Dudek, Michael L. Turner
14. Smart multi-stimuli responsive single- and bilayer hydrogels with combined shape memory and actuating properties for self-healable circuits and sensors
European Polymer Journal 22 March 2023 Volume 192 (Cover date: 23 June 2023) Article 112022
Sakineh AlipourAli Pourjavadi, Mohammadreza Poorghanbari
15. Revelation and experimental verification of quasi-periodic bursting, periodic bursting, periodic oscillation in third-order non-autonomous memristive FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron circuit
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 23 December 2022 Volume 167 (Cover date: February 2023) Article 113006
Yi Lin, Wenbo Liu, Cheng Hang
16. Coupling electrical parameters of a battery equivalent circuit model to electrodes dimensions
Journal of Power Sources 2 February 2023 Volume 561 (Cover date: 30 March 2023) Article 232690
Aurélien Quelin, Nicolas Damay
17. Improving the electrical, optical and radiation shielding properties of polyvinyl alcohol yttrium oxide composites
Journal of Rare Earths Available online 18 February 2023 In press, journal pre-proof
Shams A. M. Issa, D. E. Abulyazied, Hesham M. H. Zakaly
18. An in-depth study of the electrical characterization of supercapacitors for recent trends in energy storage system
Journal of Energy Storage 6 December 2022 Volume 57 (Cover date: January 2023) Article 106198
Sambit Satpathy, Neeraj Kumar Misra, Chandra Shekhar Yadav
19. Device and circuit-level evaluation of a zero-cost transistor architecture developed via process optimization
Solid-State Electronics 28 December 2022 Volume 201 (Cover date: March 2023) Article 108575
Paul Devoge, Hassen Aziza, Stephan Niel
20. Characterization of electrochemical double layer capacitor electrode using self-discharge measurements and modeling
Applied Energy 15 January 2023 Volume 334 (Cover date: 15 March 2023) Article 120658
Ria Kunwar, Bhupender Pal, Rajan Jose
21. The partial electrical breakdown mechanism by high voltage electric pulses in multi-fractured granite
Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment 28 March 2023 Volume 34 (Cover date: June 2023)Article 100459
Weiji Liu, Youjian Zhang, Xiaohua Zhu
22. Reaction kinetics inside pore spaces in lithium-ion battery porous electrodes: Coupling of equivalent-circuit models and electrochemical reactions
Electrochimica Acta 18 January 2023 Volume 442 (Cover date: 20 February 2023)Article 141916
Akihiko Kono, Hiroaki Urushibata, Yuki Tominaga
23. Experimental research on thermal-electrical behavior and mechanism during external short circuit for LiFePO4 Li-ion battery
Applied Energy 16 December 2022 Volume 332 (Cover date: 15 February 2023) Article 120519
Zhoujian An, Yabing Zhao, Dong Zhang
24. Research on printed circuit board external open-circuit failure gas discharge tube under short-circuit failure
Electric Power Systems Research 22 March 2023 Volume 220 (Cover date: July 2023)Article 109337
Chuanxiao Zheng, Hao Lu, Yong Hu
25. Non-isothermal kinetic study by TGA analysis of printed circuit boards and cotton stalk
Biomass and Bioenergy 8 March 2023 Volume 172 (Cover date: May 2023) Article 106746
Sonalben B. Prajapati, Alok Gautam, Shina Gautam
26. Simplified exponential equivalent circuit models for prediction of printed supercapacitor's discharge behavior - Simulations and experiments
Journal of Power Sources 16 March 2023 Volume 567 (Cover date: 30 May 2023) Article 232932
Hamed Pourkheirollah, Jari Keskinen, Donald Lupo
27. Overview and comparative analysis of bidirectional cascaded modular isolated medium-voltage AC–low-voltage DC (MVAC-LVDC) power conversion for renewable energy rich microgrids
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews31 December 2022Volume 174 (Cover date: March 2023)Article 113118
Jaydeep SahaSanjib Kumar Panda
28. Seismic failure risk analysis of ± 800 kV coupling filter circuit considering material strength deviation
Structures 13 December 2022 Volume 47 (Cover date: January 2023) Pages 1566-1578
Wang Zhu, Qiang Xie, Xiao Liu
29. Reduced graphene oxide/MnFe2O4 nanocomposite papers for fast electrical heating and microwave absorption
Applied Surface Science 9 December 2022 Volume 613 (Cover date: 15 March 2023)Article 156001
Tao Peng, Yinsong Si, Xinghua Hong
30. Approximate squaring circuits exploiting recursive architectures
Integration 25 February 2023 Volume 91 (Cover date: July 2023) Pages 35-42
Efstratios Zacharelosn Italo Nunziatan, Ettore Napoli
31. Circuit representation, experiment and analysis of parallel-cell triboelectric nanogenerator
Energy Conversion and Management 1 February 2023 Volume 278 (Cover date: 15 February 2023) Article 116741
Peilun Yin, Lihua Tang, Kean Chin Aw
32. Protection verification and designing while establishing collective prosumer's low-voltage electrical installation. A case study
Electric Power Systems Research 10 February 2023 Volume 218 (Cover date: May 2023) Article 109185
Robert Adam Sobolewski, Robert Lis
33. Energy harvesting from a hybrid piezo-dielectric vibration energy harvester with a self-priming circuit
Energy 14 March 2023 Volume 273 (Cover date: 15 June 2023) Article 127205
Zhihui Lai, Junchen Xu, Shengxi Zhou
34. Three-in-one ITO-Cu-ITO based backplane circuit strategy for micro-LED display
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 23 November 2022 Volume 165 (Cover date: February 2023) Article 107330
Jingxuan Pei, Zhiqiang Zhang, Yayun Liu
35. Tail nerve electrical stimulation promoted the efficiency of transplanted spinal cord-like tissue as a neuronal relay to repair the motor function of rats with transected spinal cord injury
Biomaterials 28 March 2023 Volume 297 (Cover date: June 2023) Article 122103
Bi-Qin Lai, Rong-Jie Wu, Yuan-Shan Zeng
36. AlN coatings with high thermal conductivity and excellent electrical properties for thermal management devices
Ceramics International Available online 7 February 2023 In press, corrected proof
Jiaojiao Du, Wenjie Dai, Chao Zhang
37. A multi-hole resonator enhanced acoustic energy harvester for ultra-high electrical output and machine-learning-assisted intelligent voice sensing
Nano Energy 30 January 2023 Volume 108 (Cover date: April 2023) Article 108237
Guojian Zhu, Yi Zhou, Jing Sun
38. Tunable plasmonic modulator with high-modulation-depth through electrical control
Optics Communications 21 September 2022 Volume 528 (Cover date: 1 February 2023) Article 129009
Wenjie Liu, Ke Yang, Yuwen Qin
39. Hierarchical retinal computations rely on hybrid chemical-electrical signaling
Cell Reports 24 January 2023 Volume 42, Issue 2 (Cover date: 28 February 2023) Article 112030
Laura Hanson, Prathyusha Ravi-Chander, Gautam B. Awatramani
40. Influence of the anode overhang on the open-circuit voltage and the ageing of lithium-ion batteries—A model based study
Applied Energy 21 December 2022 Volume 332 (Cover date: 15 February 2023) Article 120395
Felix Hildenbrand, Dominik Ditscheid, Dirk Uwe Sauer
41. Study on epitaxial structure and substrate material variations for improving electrical reliability of the MSM AlGaN/GaN 2DEG varactors
Microelectronics Reliability 17 February 2023 Volume 142 (Cover date: March 2023) Article 114905
Yu-Li Hsieh, Hao-Zong Lo, Cheng-Hao Yang
42. The effect of transition metal substitution on the structural, elastic, optical, electrical and dielectric properties of M0.5Fe2·5O4 (M=Co and Mg) synthesized by the auto combustion method
Materials Chemistry and Physics 2 January 2023 Volume 296 (Cover date: 15 February 2023) Article 127297
Issa El Heda, Jalel Massoudi, José F. M. L. Mariano
43. Piezo-triboelectric hybridized nanogenerator embedding MXene based bifunctional conductive filler in polymer matrix for boosting electrical power
Nano Energy 17 November 2022 Volume 105 (Cover date: January 2023) Article 108018
Jonghyeon Yun, Jihyeon Park, Daewon Kim
44. Investigation on the effects of electrical discharge machining on mild steel surface texture and its corrosion behaviour in NaCl solutions
Materials Today: Proceedings Available online 2 February 2023 In press, corrected proof
Alok Kumar Tiwari, Vinit Kumar Jha, Gopal Ji
45. In-situ mapping characterization of structure and electrical property of grain boundary in polycrystalline ZnO using nanorobot in SEM
Ceramics International 23 September 2022 Volume 49, Issue 2 (Cover date: 15 January 2023)Pages 2746-2751
Ning Cao, Feiling Shen
46. Effects of Ag shell on electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of Cu@Ag composite solder preforms by electromagnetic compaction for power electronics
Materials Characterization 31 January 2023 Volume 197 (Cover date: March 2023)Article 112702
Li Liu, Runze Shi, Zhiwen Chen
47. Dielectric and transient electrical response of SmB6 single crystals
Materials Research Bulletin 16 November 2022 Volume 159 (Cover date: March 2023) Article 112105
Jolanta Stankiewicz, Pedro Schlottmann, Geetha Balakrishnan

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